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The Meyer-Haake company was founded in 1981 by Ms. Meyer-Haake with a product line for dentistry only.

In 1989 our first high frequency production surgical unit was placed on the market.

In 1995 Meyer-Haake established a Quality Management/Assurance System according to the Medical Device Law and - in addition to the dental product line – products for physicians were developed and produced.

In 1995 the innovative tissue adhesive EPIGLU® was registered and successfully introduced worldwide. In 1998 the radioSURG® 2200, a larger and high-capacity radio surgical unit for all kind of surgical procedures followed.

In spring 2003 Meyer-Haake sold the complete dental product line to a well-known German dental company and since then has focused its activities on the medical market.

In 2010 the RF-ReFacing® - Treatment, an innovative anti-aging method with the radioSURG® 2200, was registered and a special unit, Beauty Treat was developed for this specific purpose.

Our smoke evacuation smokeSTAR has completed our product line since 2012.

Products and services

Our main focus is radio surgical units for the OR & smoke evacuation. The advantage of radioSURG®: it works in the MHz range not in KHz. It needs less watt thus incurs less destruction of tissue.

Cuts are so gentle that no discoloration or necrosis can be found. Histopathological examinations are possible up to the wound edges. A wide variety of electrodes (reusable & sterile for single use) and laparoscopic instruments are available.

The Beauty Treat uses radio waves as a safe and gentle method for a younger looking face & firmer body.

EPIGLU® is a ethyl 2-cyanoacrylate based tissue adhesive with many advantages for the medical practice, the OR, ambulance, dentists and nursing care. With EPIGLU® wounds heal quickly and without infections. The patient does not feel disturbed by the wound closure and can immediately fulfill the daily personal hygiene procedures.

Our Emergency Loo is a disposable urinal – no matter where you are. After use it can be easily disposed of in the general waste.

radioSURG 2200 PT/PTA

The universal radio surgical unit for all medical specialties with many innovations: innovative touchscreen, any different language setting, multi-function foot pedal with setting options to: reduce or increase output power, change output modes, activate and deactivate output power. Storage of used values in the unit, 8 specialties with pre-set programs for many operations, higher safety by neutral electrode monitoring, Recording of parameters during operations on a USB flash drive.

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EPIGLU® - Adhesion instead of sutures or clamps!

Ethyl-2-Cyanoacrylate adhesive with many advantages for the private practice, operation room, emergency room and patient care.

Easy application
Fast polymerization
Long shelf-life
Favorable price performance ratio
User-friendly packaging

Wounds heal faster and without infection. The patient is not disturbed by his wound treatment with EPIGLU® & can resume his daily personal hygiene.

Single Dose 0.3 ml/cc & 0.5 ml/cc
3g re-usable vials with application aids

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RF-ReFacing® - Beauty Treatment using radio waves

The safe and gentle method to achieve a younger looking face and a firmer body using radio waves
• Non-invasive Beauty Treatment
• Firmer facial features
• Very easy to handle
• No pain, no injections, no scalpel
• No hospitalization
• No hematoma and no swelling; =Immediately presentable
• Reasonably priced and long lasting results

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