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We are an owner-managed family company and have been focusing consistently on products for practice hygiene since we were founded in 1951. This concentration means that for us as a medium-sized company it is possible to further develop our brands with a team of highly qualified, specialist engineers at a top international level.

Today, we are by far the largest manufacturer of practice sterilizers and thermal disinfectors to manufacture exclusively these products. We are convinced that the consistent specialisation is an important condition for the high quality of our product range. You, our customers, justifiably demand optimal products, quality and reliability from us. Through the consistent realisation of our guiding principles “competence in hygiene” and “quality - made in Germany”, we guarantee that we will meet these requirements.

Products and services

MELAG Medizintechnik oHG, the world’s leading manufacturer of

  • table top autoclaves
  • washer disinfectors
  • water-treatment systems
  • sealing machines
  • sterilisation packages and disinfectants

We offer the complete and innovative system solution in hygiene for your clinic.

Vacuklav 23B+

Vacuklav 23 B+
Lots of space for your instruments
With the same technical equipment as the Vacuklav 31 B+, the Vacuklav 23 B+, as a "Class B" steam sterilizer, offers more internal space for use because it has a deeper interior space (45 cm, volume 22 litres). In this way, longer instrument sets can also be safely sterilized. Thanks to the patented air-cooling system, the Vacuklav 23 B+ is a real "stand-alone" steam sterilizer. Only a socket is necessary for operation.

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Euroklav 23 S+

Euroklav 23 VS+
"Class S" steam sterilizer

MELAG offers practices an economically alternative to the Vacuklav-series with its Euroklav 23 S+, which, by reason of the instruments and the type of single wrapping used there, require no "Class B" steam sterilizers. The Euroklav 23 S+, being larger than the Euroklav 29 VS+, is especially suitable for practices that want to sterilize longer instruments because it has a chamber volume of 22 litres (depth of chamber is 45 cm).

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MELAtronic 23

MELAtronic 23
The high-performance standard steam sterilizer

The MELAtronic 23 is synonymous with top-quality and reliability. Its high-quality components and stainless steel chamber provide longevity and security. The electronic system of the MELAtronic 23 checks automatically for achievement of the parameters required for successful sterilization. The integrated digital display in the control panel of the MELAtronic 23 permits comfortable read-off of the respective sterilization temperature.

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MELAG Medizintechnik oHG
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News & Innovations

Cliniclave 45 The large and fast steam sterilizer for practice and hospital
Cliniclave 45
The large and fast steam sterilizer for practice and hospital

With a loading quantity of up to 40 kg of unwrapped instruments, up to 35 kg of wrapped instruments and up to 7 kg of textiles, the Cliniclave 45 offers a far greater range than many other large steam sterilizers. The extra-large cylindrical sterilization chamber in combination with specifically designed insertion racks offers ideal solutions for all areas of application. Particularly fast operating times, a high load capacity and a reliable sterilization safety are the most important requirements for a large steam sterilizer for practices and clinics. Thanks to the patented technology of the sterilization chambers used in the Cliniclave 45 and the optimized operating hours enabled by this technology, the Cliniclave becomes a decisive component in the area of instrument treatment.

The slide rail integrated into the sterilization chamber simplifies the loading and unloading of the Cliniclave 45. It allows for the various loading configurations to be slid into and removed from the Cliniclave 45 in an effortless, ergonomic and fast manner. The extra-large colour touch display enables an intuitive operation as well as a quick programme selection and helps to avoid errors. The integrated software for documentation, approval and tracing saves costs and allows for comprehensive safety. The particularly economical handling of resources was one of the main objectives when designing the Cliniclave 45. Low energy and water consumption as well as a sophisticated development concept make the Cliniclave 45 one of the most economical, compact and lightest large steam sterilizers.

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Cliniclave 45 MD, Double-door Magnum large steam sterilizer for practice and clinic use
Cliniclave 45 MD
Double-door Magnum large steam sterilizer for practice and clinic use

As a magnum version, the double-door Cliniclave is fitted with an XXL colour-touch display on both sides and is loaded and started on the “impure side.” Unloading and approval are performed on the “pure side.” This large steam sterilizer brings the advantages of the single door 1 and 2 sterilization unit steam sterilizers - record operating times, excellent drying results, integrated documentation and approval software, EN 1717 conformity and an individual loading concept.

Of especial note is the innovative installation and maintenance concept in comparison to other pass-through devices. Mounted on freely-moving casters, the Cliniclave 45 MD can be slid into an opening in the wall and pulled out for maintenance purposes. An especially adapted system of stainless steel covers enables the complete covering of the surrounding wall surface without the need for an extra work.

The tray mounts and possible loading configurations (of trays, containers and mesh instrument baskets) and the loading system can be used with all devices in the Cliniclave series. The extra-large colour-touch display enables intuitive operation and quick program selection; all helping to avoid errors. The integrated software for documentation, approval and traceability saves money and enables complete security. The Cliniclave 45 MD was conceived as an economical device and is especially sparing in its consumption of resources. Its especial low electricity and water consumption make it one of the most economical of the large steam sterilizers. The Cliniclave 45 MD represents the ideal large steam sterilizer for clinics, practices and outpatient centres, requiring efficiency and planning for expansion.

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The most efective and fastest table top autoclave
Vacuklav 43 B+ Evolution
Premium, large and stand-alone – now with DRYtelligence

The high-performance air-cooling of the Vacuklav 43 B+ Evolution makes it ideally-suited for all practices seeking a quick, large and high-performance practice steam sterilizer without a fitted water connection. A deeper sterilization chamber (45 cm) allows the acceptance of longer instrument sets than the otherwise identical Vacuklav 41 B+ Evolution permits. Very short operating times enable the use of this innovative steam sterilizer in practices seeking to decontaminate a large number of instruments in a short time. The patented intelligent drying system DRYtelligence uses especially-developed algorithms to adapt the drying to the load in order to shorten the operating times even further and save resources. This means that even partial loads can be decontaminated without wasting resources.

Further advantages include the XXL colour-touch display and the integrated software for approval, labelling and traceability of the sterilized instruments. This modern concept makes for easy operation, ensures safe operation for practice and patient alike and helps avoid malfunctions.

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