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German Pavilion at meditech 2018

3 – 6 July 2018 – Bogotá, Colombia

Fiegert-Endotech Medizintechnik GmbH

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Since 1988 Fiegert-Endotech has gained an international reputation for high quality products and excellent service in endoscopy.

The focus of Fiegert-Endotech has always been on endoscopy. Our delivery programme comprises complete instrumentation (hand instruments) and equipment for all your endoscopy needs.Special attention has always been given to the development of innovative custom-made products.

A high quality standard and an excellent service have been fundamental ingredients of our company policy right from the start and have certainly contributed a great deal to the success of Fiegert-Endotech.Sales and Service belong together at Fiegert-Endotech.

In our Repair-Service-Center we service and repair not only our own products but also every major brand of endoscope. For all our service and repair work the same criteria as for new products will apply

Our product range comprises a complete range for all usual endoscopy needs:

Laparoscopes, Micro-Laparoscopes, OP-Laparoscopes, Trocar sheaths, Trocars, Clip-Applicators, Modular Laparoscopy-Instruments (Ø 3mm, 5mm and 10mm), Bipolar Forceps, Suction-Irrigation-Instruments, Suction-Irrigation-Units, CO²-Insufflators

Cystoscopes, Hysteroscopes, Hysteroscopy-Sheaths, Instruments for Tube sterilization, Ring-Applicators, Amnioscopes, Blood Collection Set, Hysteroflator

Cystoscopes, Cysto-Urethroscopy-Sheaths, Optical Instruments, Flexible Instruments, Coagulation-Electrodes, Resectoscopes, monopolar Electrodes, Urethrotomes, Uretero-Renoscopes, Nephroscopes

Arthroscopes, Trocar sheaths and Trocars, Punches, Scissors, Forceps, Handinstruments, Shaver, Shaverblades, Arthro-Pump,

Sinuscopes, Trocar sheaths and Trocars, Nasal forceps, punches, scissors, Handinstruments, Otoscopes, Headlights, Flexible Naso-Pharyngoscopes

Fiegert-Endotech Medizintechnik GmbH
Gänsäcker 42
78532 Tuttlingen

Phone: +49 7462 94850
E-mail: c.engelhardt@fiegert-endotech.com
Internet: www.fiegert-endotech.com